Prof says voter ID laws like techniques used by KKK to suppress black vote

A professor at Pennsylvania State University this month compared the Republican push for stricter voter ID laws to methods employed by the Klu Klux Klan (KKK) to suppress minorities from voting.

A professor at Pennsylvania State University compared the push for voter ID laws to methods employed by the KKK to suppress minorities from voting.

“I was -- indeed -- trying to elicit moral comparisons with this juxtaposition,” professor of communications, Matthew Jordan emailed a student, according to a blog post by the conservative group Young Americans Foundation (YAF).

The email response came after student Victor Schleich wrote the professor to express concern over the comparison.

In Jordan’s response, printed on YAF’s blog, the New Guard, he indirectly acknowledged he had used the analogy and  defended it.

“I am sorry that you find that offensive, but I find disenfranchizing [sic] minority and elderly voters based on specious arguments about voter fraud (which multiple students have shown to be trumped up and, indeed, many of the architects of these laws have all but admitted were purely designed to suppress the vote) equally offensive in a country predicated on one person, one vote,” he wrote.

Campus Reform could not reach Jordan for comment by the time of publication.

In the past, students have used Penn State’s website to complain about a perceived bias in Jordan’s classroom.

“This is the worst prof. I have ever had,” wrote an anonymous commenter who appeared to be a student. “He is very liberal and clearly impresses [sic] his views onto his students.”

“I can’t stand this prof.,” wrote another commenter. “He is rude and believes his opinions are the only ones.”

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