Harvard administration owns $700k in Victoria’s Secret lingerie company

Ownership in the world’s most famous purveyor of lady’s lingerie may be one secret ingredient that allows Harvard give its students a platinum plated college experience, a new report from the States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reveals.

Harvard University has invested over $700,000 in Victoria's Secret's parent company.

The prestigious university’s management fund currently owns $700,000 of stock in Limited Brands, which is the parent company of Victoria's Secret as well as several other smaller luxury brands such as Bath & Body Works and PINK.

According to the report, the investments are made by the Harvard Management Company. On their official website, they note they attempt to employ “innovative new strategies to expand the boundaries of our portfolio for the future.”

The website adds that the Harvard Management Company “seeks to provide world-class investment management focused solely on generating strong results to support the educational and research objectives of Harvard University.”

A spokesperson for Harvard declined to comment to Campus Reform.

“As a matter of policy, we do not comment on specific investments,” said spokesman Kevin Galvin.

According to the report, Harvard also has $487,000 invested in Foot Locker Inc., $755,000 in Direct T.V., and over one million dollars in Facebook.

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