[VIDEO] ‘Shame on you!’: Pro-Palestinian students chase College Republicans out of their own event

A number of College Republicans abandoned a movie night they had planned at Portland State University (PSU) last Thursday after a group of pro-Palestinian protesters disrupted the event with jeers and shouting.

The incident, captured on video and uploaded to YouTube, depicts the protesters shouting “shame on you” in response to the College Republicans' screening of the 2005 documentary film “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West.”

The video depicts the protesters as they attempted to disrupt the event before the movie began by inviting attendees to visit an adjacent hallway to “talk to actual Muslims.”

When the film concluded, a dozen or more protesters piled into the event and began to loudly declaim the film.

Julie Rabadi, who is the president of the PSU College Republicans, expressed concern for her personal safety before abruptly leaving the event with members of her group.

“This is not a safe environment,” she explained to the room full of students.

Another member of the College Republicans told Campus Reform on Monday she felt intimidated by the “hostile” environment.

“We were greatly outnumbered and people were angry,” said Gretchen Holman. “It felt like we were going to get railroaded.”

The film “Obsession,” claims in its introduction to point to the “dangerous ideology” of “radical Islamic terror” but says its lessons are aimed at terrorists only.

“It's important to remember most Muslims are peaceful and do not support terror,” the film begins. “This is not a film about them. This is a film about a radical worldview, and the threat it poses to us all, Muslim and non-Muslim alike."

WATCH: Pro-Palestinian students accost College Republicans group

Later in the video, the individual recording the event was approached by a campus safety officer and ordered to turn off his camera.

“Turn it off,” the unidentified officer said, adding “the majority of the people don’t want to be filmed.”

“Then they shouldn’t be appearing in public,” countered the individual recording.

“I am not going to stop filming,” he added.

The officer then forced the individual recording the event to leave alleging he was now excluded from campus.

A spokesperson for PSU had not provided Campus Reform with a comment at the time of publication.

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