[VIDEO] Student blasts Clarence Thomas as ‘Uncle Tom,’ reacts to affirmative action ruling

Students at George Washington University in Washington D.C., reacted to the Supreme Court’s ruling on affirmative action Monday expressing their support for race-based admissions.

One student dismissed Justice Clarence Thomas, a strong critic of affirmative action, as an “Uncle Tom.”

“Clarence Thomas has always been called an Uncle Tom so it’s not surprising he opposes it,” he said.

WATCH: Students react to affirmative action ruling, blast Justice Clarence Thomas

Others opined as to why Justice Thomas adamantly opposes race-based preferences.

“That really doesn’t make any sense to me,” said another. “If you are a minority you should support what the majority of minorities feel.”

“I support affirmative action,” another student told Campus Reform, a response that was echoed by many others.

“I think it always comes down to this basic assumption that it is discrimination when in fact it is actually helping people up who have been discriminated against so much in the past,” said another student.

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