Brooklyn College blows $107k to make logo look less like a penis

Brooklyn College’s first woman president reportedly spent $107k to redesign the college’s official logo in 2009, after speculation that the old logo looked too much like a phallus.

Brooklyn College spent $107K to redesign the school’s logo after speculation that it resembled a phallus.

According to the New York Post, President Karen Gould, hired a prestigious Baltimore-based firm in a no-bid contract to perform the redesign as one of her first acts as college president in 2009. 

The old logo had served as the school’s icon for a decade and featured a burgundy silhouette of the college’s 80-year old clock tower, which school literature describes as the  “jewel in the Brooklyn College crown.”

The new logo, designed by Neustadt Creative Marketing, includes the words “Brooklyn College” placed vertically with the words “The City University of New York” to the side.

Neustadt Creative Marketing touts the logo on their website as something that would stand out even in New York City.

“We replaced a logo that highlighted the campus clock tower with a fresh, youth-oriented design that would help the college stand out in the brand chaos of New York City,” according to the site.

The school's spokeswoman, Keisha-Gaye Anderson, would not tell the Post where the $107K came from, only saying it had not come from taxpayer or student funds.

Brooklyn College did not respond to multiple request for comment from Campus Reform in time for publication.

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