WATCH: Wikileaks founder Assange praises Sen. Rand Paul, journalist Matt Drudge

College-aged support for libertarians and Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) represents the United States' "only hope" in politics, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange told Campus Reform early Friday morning.

WATCH: Wikileaks' Julian Assange praises libertarians in OurSay, Deakin University forum

“The only hope as far as electoral politics… presently, is the libertarian section of the Republican party,” said Assange, in response to a question about the recent swell of college-aged and youth-based support for libertarianism.

“The libertarian aspect of the Republican Party is presently the only useful political voice really in the U.S. Congress,” said Assange. “[I] am a big admirer of Ron Paul and Rand Paul for their very principled positions in the U.S. Congress on a  number of issues.”

Assange, who was speaking in an online video forum, hosted by the transparency organization and Australia-based Deakin University, also praised American Journalist Matt Drudge saying he is responsible for breaking down the “self-censorship” of the American mainstream media.

"Matt Drudge is a news media innovator... It is as a result of the self-censorship of the establishment press in the United States that gave Matt Drudge such a platform and so of course he should be applauded for breaking a lot of that censorship,” said Assange, 

Assange, who is currently running for Senate in Australia, answered questions via  a google hangout in front of a live studio audience in Melbourne, Australia. Assange  running his campaign from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where sought political asylum more than 400 days ago. 

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Editor's note: This story was updated at 11.53 p.m. EDT August 18, 2013, to reflect the fact that Deakin University was a co-host of the event in which Assange answered questions.