Sunday Opinion: The left has lost its mind on gun control

Academia and the left have lost their collective mind on gun control. Here is a recap of their recent anti-gun campus shenanigans:

Earlier this year, Campus Reform reported on a professor at a publicly funded Texas university that required her students create anti-gun propaganda to be distributed through her own personal anti-gun campaign.

University of Rhode Island Prof. Erik Loomis called for the politicization of the Sandy Hook massacre and for the assassination of National Rifle Association CEO, Wayne La Pierre.

“You are goddamn right we should politicize this tragedy,” Loomis tweeted.  “[I] want Wayne LaPierre’s head on a stick.”

Down south, an American History professor at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) accused Republicans of worshipping guns, claiming the GOP has “no concern about the death of children and adults in all public places imaginable.”

The radical professor continued his anti-gun tirade accusing La Pierre of being the nation’s “leading domestic terrorist.”

WATCH: The left is afraid law abiding citizens cannot manage their constitutional rights

After the Navy Yard shooting September 16th, an associate professor of Journalism at the University of Kansas, David Guth, publicly wished death upon the children of NRA members.

“#NavyYardShooting The blood is on the hands of the #NRA. Next time, let it be YOUR sons and daughters.” tweeted Guth.

But the most ridiculous liberal moment of the year goes to the University of Rhode Island.

As reports of a campus shooting spread across the University of Rhode Island, university police were the first to respond. However, there was a twist. The deputized officers were equipped with nothing more than pepper spray and batons. Why? Because firearms were banned on campus!

And there you have it. That is liberalism. Progressives find it morally acceptable to publicly wish death upon children and political opponents.

The conscience of the liberal finds little concern with sending unarmed officers into a what they believed to be an active school shooting, armed with nothing more than batons and pepper spray.

The left will suspend or expel your children from school for playing with a toy gun on private property. The left will suspend kids for chewing a pop-tart into the shape of a gun and liberal administrators will sit ideally as the possibility of rape, assault and campus shootings increase because they are afraid law abiding citizens cannot manage constitutional rights.

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