STUDY: Harvard survey reveals majority of young Americans reject Obamacare

More than half of young Americans between 18 and 29 years of age now say they disapprove of the Affordable Care Act and anticipate their health care costs will rise while the quality goes down, according to a new study released by Harvard University on Wednesday.  

The study, conducted by Harvard University’s Institute of Politics, reveals that of the millennial’s surveyed, 57 percent disapproved of President Obama’s signature achievement while 40 percent said they believe the quality of their health care would fall as a result of its enactment.

Fifty-one percent, meanwhile, said they believed that the price of that lower quality insurance would rise as result of the law.

Meanwhile, just 18 percent of the young Americans surveyed said they believed their health care would improve as a result of Obamacare. Just 11 percent said they believed the cost of their health care would be lower.

The numbers could be viewed as troubling for the already beleaguered White House which is counting on the enrollment of healthy young individuals on the federal health care exchanges in order to offset the higher cost of health care for baby boomers.

Republicans, meanwhile, are already pointing to the survey as further evidence that Obamacare is unraveling. 

In a statement Wednesday morning, Raffi Williams, who is the deputy press secretary for the Republican National Committee, cited the survey as proof that young Americans are increasingly turning their backs on Obamacare.

“Young Americans put President Obama in office, but don’t think that means they agree with how he is handling his job as President,” said Williams. “Obama has increased Millennials insurance premiums and lied to them about keeping their coverage.

“Young Americans aren’t daft,” he continued. “They know a bad deal when they see one and that is why they are abandoning the President and no amount of spin can change the facts that just like MySpace, Millenials are over Obama.”

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