Diversity coordinator at public university allegedly runs phone sex business on university time

The University of Colorado, Denver (UCD) has placed a cultural diversity coordinator on paid leave after allegations surfaced she was operating a phone sex business during university hours.

Resa Cooper-Morning, 54, Cultural Diversity coordinator at UCD also managed a soft-core pornography site featuring a sex-chat component that allowed subscribers to engage in explicit conversations with the CU administrator during her university hours.

The “phone sex that will rock every part of your body!” was purportedly available Monday-Friday from 7:30am through the evening.

Cooper-Morning’s CU schedule indicated she workd at the university from 7 a.m. through 3 p.m. Monday through Friday according to Denver’s CBS4.

“She does it while she is working at CU Denver,” Blair Cooper, Resa's daughter-in-law told CBS4.

“She is taking calls at work. I’ve been in her office and she’s said, ‘Oh, let me be right back I have a phone call.’ She takes them very discreetly, shuts her door takes phone sex calls on CU of Denver’s pay.”

CU Denver Vice Chancellor of Communications Leanna Clark told CBS4 that an internal investigation is being conducted. “The University of Colorado Denver takes this allegation very seriously,” Clark said.

Cooper-Morning, employed by the University of Colorado since 1992, will continue to receive her $68,000 annual salary.

CBS4 also reports that "On Thursday, hours before the CBS4 investigation was scheduled to air, a change was made to Cooper-Morning’s phone sex website. The hours she could be reached for sexual conversations were altered to reflect she was only available for phone sex weekdays after 3 p.m., after she leaves her job at the university."

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