Campus Reform's Katherine Timpf ridicules PC police on 'Stossel'

Campus Reform’s Katherine Timpf chatted with Fox Business Network host John Stossel Thursday evening about the effort sweeping the nation’s college campuses to label certain words offensive.

“Students are terrified. It’s not just the typical things that you think of, ‘oh, that’s offensive.’ ‘You guys’ is even very offensive. You’re supposed to say ‘men, women, and people that don’t conform to those gender binaries,” Timpf said.

Such attempts to avoid offense , Timpf said, were freezing discourse on campus.

“[Y]ou can’t criticize, you can’t say anything. And it’s totally destroying this forum of open ideas and free speech that a college is supposed to be so you can learn. What good is all this focus on diversity that these campuses have if you can’t actually hear what anybody has to say for real?” she said.

WATCH: Katherine chats with John on the movement to make certain idioms forbidden

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