Uninformed students attend Crist campaign rally, say they're only there for pizza

Students at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) attended a rally in support of Democrat gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist and admitted they don’t care about the election, they just want free pizza.

The University Press, FAU’s official newspaper, reports that uninformed students lining up for free pizza were quickly thrust into a voting rally organized by the College Democrats, the NAACP, and Students for Sensible Drug Policy.

“All I heard was ‘free food’ and I support Charlie Crist so I decided to come,” sophomore Kira McManus told the paper. “But I don’t really know much about the campaign because I don’t have time.”

“I just saw pizza and wanted to see what’s up,” freshman John Stansell said.

Joseph Stubbs, president of the university’s NAACP chapter, said the rally was an event to emphasize the importance of voting and to “educate the people on voting.”

When the University Press asked Stubbs if his group arranged for the “former governor to visit campus,” Stubbs replied: “I don’t think Crist is the former governor, he’s only running for governor.”

Charlie Crist was the Governor of Florida from 2007–2011. Crist, originally elected as a Republican, became an Independent in 2010 and then a Democrat in 2012.

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