The Weekly Roundup (12/7/15-12/11/15)

Monday 7 December

UT Faculty Senate defends inclusive holiday party guidelines

War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Exclusion is Inclusion.

Falwell clarifies ‘end those Muslims’ statement

Of course, that wouldn’t have been necessary if the reporters who initially covered his remarks had bothered to read all of them.

James Madison U prohibits religious Christmas song at ‘unity tree’ lighting

They must be afraid that a song might induce Congress to establish a state religion, or at least to impede the free exercise thereof. If they’re right, let’s just hope Obama is tone-deaf.

Miami Ohio student claims school paper dismissed him for conservative views

What choice did the editors have? They simply could not verify his facts, no matter how many times they searched the NPR archives.

Ole Miss renames Christmas event because it ‘connoted too much Christianity’

Which makes about as much sense as their plan to entice a “more mature” audience by offering pictures with Santa and arts & crafts.

Tuesday 8 December

UMD expands Freddie Gray law course to undergrads

“There’s a lot of thinking and a lot of research that needs to be done, and I think students can contribute a lot,” the instructor said, demonstrating that even liberals aren’t entirely sure how to draw a plausible connection between violent rioting and the need for more welfare spending, and must now turn to the very generation they have been sheltering from the horrors of critical thinking to come up with an answer that can satisfy Melissa Harris-Perry.

Yale faculty cancel courses for next semester under pressure from anti-speech protesters

One can hardly blame them. Who in their right mind would willingly subject themselves to the self-righteous bleatings of post-adolescents who fail to see the irony in employing their own speech rights to silence others?

Rutgers reveals true colors with week-long celebration for communist dupe and Stalin apologist

Then again, perhaps Paul Robeson was just being satirical when he spoke of Russia’s “safety and abundance and freedom” and “the happiness I see on every face in Moscow.”

Wednesday 9 December

UMD co-op cites opposition to capitalism, corporate greed in recruiting appeal

They offer $7/hour in store credit, and capitalism is the root of all evil?

EMU protesters disrupt classes, board meeting to present diversity ultimatum

“We don’t need ‘em,” the students chanted, referring to the Regents whose vehicles they were impeding because … well, because they need ‘em.

U Penn drops ‘Faculty Master’ title so students don’t accidentally think they’re slaves

Be warned, graduate students: your Master’s degrees are next on the list.

Kids cancer fundraiser deemed microaggression by Kansas BLM protesters

To summarize: because a few over-sensitized college students equate the mere existence of intolerance to metaphorical death, it’s racist to raise money for children who are actually dying.

Thursday 10 December

Tennessee lawmakers recognize UT diversity office as ‘national embarrassment’

You’d better watch out; you’d better not cry; you’d better not pout … but according to the University of Tennessee, we probably shouldn’t tell you why.

Removing ‘Christmas’ just an Ole Miss-understanding, school claims

Admittedly, they may have a point when they say you can’t assume that a college student means something just because they said it.

Friday 11 December

Student sues college for evicting her from ‘Free Speech Zone’

Foolishly, the student had assumed that the “free speech zone” was a zone where she could go to speak freely.

Former prof. claims new stadium is a form of ‘white supremacy’ and ‘genocide’

Thereby proving only that he sees no reason to learn the meaning of terms before using them, and giving a fairly good indication of why he is a “former” professor.

UMD changes stadium name because former honoree didn’t support diversity

Neither did Lincoln. Looks like there are still a LOT of signs in need of changing...

Arizona students launch campaign against ‘Illegal Pete’s’ restaurant

They claim using the term illegals is both offensive to Mexican-Americans and that it “appropriates [their] culture”. So are we to understand that being illegal is an integral part of Mexican-American culture? Now THAT sounds offensive.

UMD encourages students to say ‘undocumented citizens’ instead of ‘illegal aliens’

Never mind that an illegal alien is someone who entered the country unlawfully, while an undocumented citizen is someone who has misplaced their Social Security card.