The Weekly Roundup (11/14/15 - 11/20/15)

Saturday, 14 November

Black Lives Matter protesters terrorize Dartmouth library:

How did they know they would find white kids to taunt in the library?

USC student gov wants school to shelter Syrian refugees:

Because there are “millions” of college-ready refugees ready to be served by the preppiest college on the West Coast?


Monday, 16 November

UC-Berkeley to establish segregated housing as safe space for minorities:

Wait, we thought segregation was a form of racism, but now the liberals are telling us it is a cure?

USC students stage walkout to highlight diversity ultimatum:

But they held it on a Monday, so nobody was in class anyway.

Bowdoin prof claims nobody has ‘moral right’ to multiple children:

She must be a first-born.

Obama denounces speech restrictions at Mizzou protests:

That’s funny. He doesn’t usually seem too reluctant to stifle dissent when his policies are under discussion.

4-year-old leads chant at UCLA BLM walkout:

Later, she took questions at a press conference, being the most articulate member of the group.

UW-Stout hosts ‘LGBTQIA+’-only art show:

They simply will not sit in silence while straight people continue to dominate the art world.

Dean warns campus carry will cause ‘untrained cowboys’ to overrun school:

He may have seen Tombstone one too many times.


Tuesday, 17 November

Dartmouth students want Dr. Seuss to make way for social justice:

Oh, the places you’ll go! You’ll be on your way up! You’ll be seeing great fights! You’ll join the social justice warriors who oppose free speech rights!

Skidmore President delightedly encourages student walkout:

Perhaps he was hoping they wouldn’t come back.

Amherst President tactfully shoots down demands for speech restrictions:

With a few well-chosen platitudes, she even had the students thanking her for rejecting their ultimatum.

Occidental President tells protesters he is ‘happy to resign’ in face of diversity demands:

Surely, he’s just hoping to wash his hands of this nonsense.


Wednesday, 18 November

Students protest Dartmouth Review for covering their tantrum:

They wanted publicity, but not that kind of publicity.

U. of Vermont holds retreat for students who ‘self-identify as white’ to confront privilege:

Discussion topics included “Golf: racism as sport”; “Why The Big Bang Theory isn’t as funny as you think it is”; “Dockers: insensitivity with a zipper”; and, our personal favorite, “Fake It ‘Til You Make It: hip-hop dancing for the rhythmically-challenged”.

Student leaders face impeachment for failing to sufficiently support diversity demands:

Remember: insufficient agreement is just as bad as opposition.

Alumni group offers to arbitrate for ‘reasonable’ resolution to Mizzou protests:

And for suggesting that fabricating instances of racism is counter-productive, they had to endure having their Facebook page flagged for “hate speech” and temporarily disabled.

Surfeit of safe spaces spawns on Claremont campuses:

Due to an unforeseen delay in the arrival of the new bully-proof windows and troll-safe doors, students are encouraged to keep their doors locked and shades tightly drawn until further notice, which will be delivered in person by a suitably non-threatening individual (the school is currently in negotiations with Tom Hanks) so as to preclude the necessity of accessing the Internet, where any number of unsavory opinions might be lurking.

Pomona College hosts ‘people of color-only’ art show:

We thought all artists were people of color…?


Thursday, 19 November

Ashland student gov defends free speech in face of Mizzou-inspired protests:

Their message to the protesters is a simple one: when you’re right, all speech tends to substantiate your position.

Michigan says new diversity requirement reflects ‘aspirations’ of business school students:

Sure, what student doesn’t aspire to collect an easy A from a feel-good course rather than doing real, actual work?

Campus carry sponsor seeks AG ruling on proposed classroom gun bans:

He just wants to make sure college professors understand that when a law mentions buildings, it also applies to the rooms inside those buildings.


Friday, 20 November

Princeton to remove references to Woodrow Wilson after students complain about his racism

We actually agree that honoring Woodrow Wilson is shameful, although for much better reasons.

Cornell displays cartoons depicting GOP as terrorists, sexual predators, and raving lunatics:

Surely they just wanted to make the labor union and social justice advocates who were on campus to tell students about non-corporate career options feel at home.

Harvard ‘Sex Week’ teaches students to ‘Work Hard, F*** Hard’:

If “a guide to BDSM in the dorm room” is something they consider “applicable to student experiences,” Harvard probably hasn’t changed a bit since it played host to John Kennedy.