The Weekly Roundup (11/23/15-11/27/15)

Monday 23 November


UC Berkeley housing co-op establishes ‘safe space’ guidelines

And a pall of silence fell upon the dormitory, as students came to realize that the slightest utterance, however innocuously intended, would bring the wrath of the Hall Director upon them. Just kidding—the thought never even occurred to them.

Student gov at UC Santa Cruz pressures Jewish senator to abstain from Israeli divestment vote

See, they had to make sure that the process wasn’t tainted by an “agenda.”

Framingham State issues alert after Confederate flag image espied on laptop

Just to be safe, students were encouraged to avoid looking at the screens of any laptops until the National Guard concluded its manhunt and the perpetrator was safely detained.

Princeton students speak out against safe spaces

Perhaps they missed the memo that segregation is back in vogue among elements of the political Left.

Fossil fuel divestment activists fold after Stanford threatens disciplinary action

They weren’t afraid of arrest, they maintained; they just needed to catch rides and flights home for Thanksgiving (presumably aboard vehicles powered entirely by compost).


Tuesday 24 November


UMN administration overrides student gov’s rejection of 9/11 remembrance

Perhaps the senators feared that a moment of silence would give their classmates an opportunity to think independently—a strict no-no on today’s college campuses.

Speaker tells students France brought terror attacks on itself

It seems the attackers were still ticked about French colonial policy in Syria.

Dems, millennials most likely to favor restrictions on offensive speech

Well, knock us over with a feather…

University of Arkansas prevents prof from studying race-based admissions

Of course they did. Every time they turned over the data in the past, he used it to show that the school was harming minority students by lowering its admissions standards.


Wednesday 25 November


De Blasio supports son in push to rename Calhoun College

Relax, Bill. Calhoun’s been dead for over a century, and can’t hurt you anymore.

Dartmouth vice provost apologizes for bashing conservatives, lauding BLM protesters

Honestly, though, how was she supposed to know that there were real, live conservatives at Dartmouth?


Friday 27 November


Maryland students demonstrate in support of accepting Syrian refugees

National security is important, they say, just not as important as that warm, fuzzy feeling they get from putting their humanitarianism on display.

Animal research stirs up controversy at UCLA

Why must we study the effects of addiction on animals, PETA activists must wonder incredulously, when there are so many aborted foetuses to be had.