The Weekly Roundup (2/13/16-2/19/16)

Saturday, 13 February

Purdue staffer refuses to apologize for comments about raping pro-life women

He claimed the full context would vindicate him, so we checked. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t

Monday, 15 February

Presidents’ Day ignored at major public universities while Cesar Chavez Day gains traction

What does it say about an institution when a pro-communist labor organizer is given pride of place over those who actually contributed to the country’s greatness? Nothing we haven’t been saying for years...

Mizzou takes harder look at ‘muscle’ prof after new video shows her cursing at police

By our count, that makes strike two, and strike three could be on the horizon if it turns out that she lied about not having any contact with the protesters prior to engaging in those hysterics.

Purdue eagerly accepts resignation of staffer who harassed pro-life students

He must have thought himself sooooo witty when he offered to rape pro-life women as an “experiment.” For our part, we think the joke is much funnier now that it’s on him.

Tuesday, 16 February

University of California selectively recruits Latino and black students

Why not just give ‘em the darn piece of paper and be done with it...? Sorry, what was that? We were daydreaming about Bernie’s college plan.

UT-Knoxville Sex Week to feature ‘BDSM’ and ‘Butt Stuff’ workshops

What happened to figuring it out for yourself in the back of your dad’s Buick before you even got to college?

Ole Miss forum claims Black Panthers ‘not a hate group’

Who cares what emotions they’re feeling when they commit acts of political violence?

33 schools ignore request from Congress to explain unconstitutional speech policies

Their silence speaks volumes, which, ironically, is exactly what they prevent their students from doing.

Wednesday, 17 February

Prof. says he won’t be labeled as something ‘violent’, so don’t call him white

He’s actually Hispanic, so what does that make George Zimmerman?

Purdue reviews free speech policy, but not because of former pianist’s rape comments

*Phew* For a minute there, we were afraid they were going to tighten their policies just because one idiot threatened to rape someone’s family over a difference of opinion.

College campuses too PC even for the (freakin’) FCC

And if anybody actually listened to college radio stations, the FCC could actually do something about it.

Bernie Sanders’ free college plan is too loony even for the loony Left

When NPR criticizes you, you know you’re either a Republican or else in dire straits, indeed.

OU surveys students to make sure gender-neutral restroom signs aren’t offensive

It’s a clever gambit, but they’re forgetting one thing: the majority will obviously vote for the most racist, oppressive choice available, necessitating sit-ins, chanting, the whole shebang.

Georgetown profs. accuse Scalia of ‘lying’, ‘bigotry’ in campus-wide email

Couldn't even wait until Scalia was physically buried before attempting to bury his legacy, huh?

Thursday, 18 February

Providence College capitulates to students after 13-hour sit-in

The height of protest these days is sitting on your duff for hours on end. What happened to the spirited protests of the sixties?

FIRE lists 10 worst schools for free speech

Incredibly, one school has made the list two years running. 

British, conservative, gay Catholic causes aneurysms at Rutgers

There's a reason Milo Yiannopoulos is, in his own words, the "Most Dangerous Faggot."

Melissa Click admits she "made mistakes" with her protest actions

Mistakes were made, alright, but it's difficult to say yelling for muscle to manhandle a reporter or telling a cop to "get your fucking hands off me!" were "mistakes" rather than "deliberate actions that were later regretted."

Washington University of St. Louis students get education in kink

There's an entire week for talking about the "politics of pleasure," a "sexy" arts and crafts class, and a free STI screening. 

Friday, 19 February

UT Austin's president really can't stand the thought of letting guns on his campus

When you're proposing a restriction on guns that some are comparing to Barney Fife only being allowed to carry one bullet, you might be veering a little close to self-parody. 

Brown students are cracking under the pressure of protesting and doing homework

It's just so hard being expected to keep up with your academics while you're changing the world!

Milo Yiannopoulos causes stomach ulcers at the University of Minnesota

At least there was no fake menstrual blood this time!

University of Nebraska-Kearney hates deliciousness

Apparently, the student body's values don't include "tasty."