The Weekly Roundup: Every day a new way to be offended!

Saturday, March 12

Strange Facebook page tries to bully Claremont conservatives with ‘prayer requests’

And it might even have worked … if anyone who posted on the page actually knew how to pray.

Stanford students accused of racism for signing petition to restore Western Civ courses

Judging from the quality of argumentation employed against the petition, Stanford probably shouldn’t stop with Western Civ. These students need as much additional instruction as they can get.

Sunday, March 13

Cal Poly resolution shows liberals can oppose trains … if they carry oil

They say a rail spur will have “negative effects on student health and safety.” If so, perhaps higher standards would help the school attract the kind of student who is smart enough to avoid being hit by a train.

Monday, March 14

SURVEY: College presidents do something … anything … to mollify student protesters

And it still doesn’t seem to be helping them hold on to their jobs.

UW ‘BlackOut’ protesters demand Regents end ‘blatantly oppressive’ standardized testing

We get that the students are probably disappointed in their scores, but they could always have retaken the test...

Report claims Jews are major target of campus racism

The defensive, victim-blaming reactions we have received from Nazi-loving schmucks are abhorrent, but nonetheless offer an informative glimpse into the idiocy of those who would distract themselves from their own inadequacies with the sort of statements that would make Goering blush. Not because they are so racist (which they are), but because they are such utter drivel.

Morehead State furloughs employees in effort to embarrass Gov. Bevin

All if fair in love and war, but nobody ever said anything about higher education. Perhaps they could have cut the party shuttle or athletic complex, instead.

Tuesday, March 15

Student Satanists assemble to combat ‘budding conservatism’ at UMM

We’ve always said that liberals are the Devil. Now we have proof.

UC Davis students ‘heavily traumatized’ by ‘anti-Asian,’ ‘fat-shaming’ sumo wrestling game

Might it not also be considered “anti-Asian” to associate the entire continent with a sport that is only played professionally in Japan?

UNO student gov leader tells right-handed people to check their privilege

Handedness: the great civil rights issue of our time.

Wednesday, March 16

Liberal Hokies fail to prevent Charles Murray event despite wild charges of racism

Before accusing someone of writing a book advocating eugenics, it might make sense to actually read the book...

Mizzou denies Melissa Click’s termination appeal

...bringing the number of commendable decisions made by that school to exactly one.

UW finally caves to student diversity demands after third interruption of Regents’ meeting

As Bill Clinton said (in The Simpsons), there’s an important lesson here: “If things don’t go your way, just keep complaining until your dreams come true.”

Bowdoin student senators avoid being impeached over headgear, choice of libation

Is it really all that surprising that the same people who take offense at a theme party would prove incapable of deciphering the student government’s impeachment procedure?

TN lawmakers may cut funding for Diversity and Inclusion, Sex Week at UT-Knoxville

It’s certainly a worthwhile step, but we would caution legislators that UT students will just come up with new outrages before the ink even dries on the governor’s signature.

FIRE president traces origin of ‘trigger warnings’ to earliest days of the Internet

It turns out they were a joke even then, but the Millennials never got it, so preoccupied were they with maintaining their own self-esteem in the early 90’s.

Thursday, March 17

St. Patrick’s Day deemed ‘cultural appropriation’

Predictably enough, most of the Irish people we’ve heard from have been more offended by the op-ed than the holiday.

UGA faculty, students protest ‘Wild West’ campus carry bill

See? This is what happens when students are taught self-esteem in school instead of history.

LGBT activists claim discrimination after Kansas passes religious liberty bill

So, are there actually any LGBT students even trying to join organizations that disagree with their lifestyles?

Brown students protest trans speaker because she was hosted by Jewish group

Is it any surprise this occurred at the same university as the swastika?

Mizzou ‘muscle’ prof protests firing with WaPo op-ed

Apparently, the only reason she acted so unreasonably at the Homecoming parade is that she left home in a hurry that morning. She must have really been running late the day she tried to have a reporter forcibly removed from campus.

Friday, March 18

Prof requires students to read his sexual fantasies

If his students wanted porn, they could have gotten a higher quality product online for considerably less than it costs them to attend Roger Williams.

GOP gov. candidates promise not to reverse Mizzou funding cuts

Opponents worry the cuts will reduce the quality of instruction at Mizzou, but it seems dubious that anything could have such an effect.

Vandals deface ‘Trump-er sticker’ with ‘Hitler’ decal at St. Mary’s College

Who’s intolerant now?