VIDEO: ‘USA’ chant triggers anti-Trump protester at PSU

A Students for Trump event at Portland State University was greeted with hostility Saturday when campus police officers tried to kick Trump’s supporters to the curb while protesters reacted hysterically to chants of “USA! USA!”

Students for Trump began the event by erecting a wall on campus but campus security attempted to force the students to leave on the grounds that the wall was a “structure” rather than a “sign,” and thus violated university policies. However, the students were ultimately allowed to remain on campus but were harshly ridiculed by their peers, who called them “pathetic,” “idiot,” and members of the “party of ignorance.”

Eventually, two Trump protesters confronted the group to discuss Trump’s policies on immigration, specifically his plan to build a wall along America’s southern border, according to video obtained by Progressives Today.

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“Have you ever tried to gain citizenship in another country” one protester asked the group of Trump supporters.

“No, because I love my country. I love where I live,” one student replied.

“I have, legally, in Germany. It was unsuccessful. So I came home,” another added.

Meanwhile, several Trump supporters began a chant of “USA,” which set off one protester who completely lost his cool.

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“Wait a minute! Wait a minute!” he shouted. “Really? That’s what you think America is? Just shouting USA? You think shouting USA is the only thing that patriotism means?”

“Wow, you are pathetic,” another protester added.

“Chanting USA is now triggering?” one Trump supporter remarked in disbelief.

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Finally, one female protester held up a piece of paper containing verses from an obscure Robert Frost poem and asked the crowd if they knew what it was she was holding.

“Robert Frost said good walls make better neighbors,” one student replied, citing Frost’s “ Mending Wall,” in which he states that “good fences make good neighbors.”

“I can’t believe what you are doing. You’re making PSU unsafe,” she responded.

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The altercation ended when the female protester frustratingly exclaimed “I’m done” and walked away with her middle finger in the air.

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