The Weekly Roundup: A different kind of safe space

Monday, 29 August

Clemson evicts man for praying outside of ‘free speech zone’

“No, no, no; you have us all wrong,” Clemson protests. “We kicked him off campus for having a sign, not for praying!”

Yeah, that makes it soooo much better...

Pitt adds gender reassignment surgery to employee health coverage

Of course, the school says it doesn’t really expect anyone to take advantage of it, which might just be wishful thinking, but is nonetheless revealing with respect to its true motivations.

Brown prof derides UC’s ‘cold, Darwinian’ rejection of safe spaces

Well, that explains why so many students from Brown were willing to declare publicly that their schoolwork was interfering with their activism

It also explains why the University of Chicago remains an elite academic institution, while Brown remains in Rhode Island.

LGBT group releases ‘shame list’ of religious colleges

Campus Pride portrayed the list as a ranking of the most LGBT-unfriendly schools, but it’s really just a list of religious colleges and universities.

Is anybody out there working on a list of activist organizations that are the most unfriendly to religion?

Tuesday, 30 August

Progressive UND students get social justice-themed housing option

Hmm, that does sound like a good way to keep an eye on those troublemakers...

Texas Christian offers course credit for Planned Parenthood internships

What’s even the point? As long as that “C” stands for “Christian,” they’re never gonna be invited to those fancy parties they throw down in Houston.

Vermont college hands out ‘pronoun pins’ to incoming freshmen

They even had one stating that “my pronouns are fluid” and encouraging others to “please ask me!”

...which sounds like a clever yet devious ploy, because asking someone about their pronouns is probably a microaggression.

Mississippi state flag will no longer fly over Mississippi State

Now the whole campus is a safe space for people who fear history!

Wednesday, 31 August

VIDEO: Students call Kaepernick ‘heroic’ for anthem protest

If sitting on one’s duff is “heroic,” then just call us Hercules.

Anti-Calhoun protests target incoming Yale freshmen

It’s important to get to them right away, before they learn any facts about the matter and realize how ridiculous their classmates are being.

UC sends profs instruction manual on indoctrinating students with social justice

Gee whiz. Don’t ya think they’re good enough at that already?

The manual defines “right” as something “everyone has equal access or availability to,” but UC might as well have also defined it as “the political status of choice for students who want to be hectored with the rest of these terms.”

Rutgers: to avoid microaggressions, only speak when ‘necessary’

Sound like perhaps Rutgers could stand to take its own advice.

Thursday, 1 September

VIDEO: Students unsure whether they like having former terrorist on faculty

“Terrorism...that’s just a really bad thing, I guess.”

That pretty much sums it up.

VIDEO: Millennial voters embrace Trump’s immigration shift

Hey, nobody ever accused Millennials of disliking platitudes. In fact, when they find that they aren’t surrounded by enough meaningless drivel, they actually hold protests to demand more.

U of I Senate wants ‘substantial consequences’ for ‘intolerance’

The students demand that university labels and funding be stripped from any student organization that promotes hate speech harmful to minority student groups. So can conservative students, a minority on the college campus, now lobby to sanction all of those liberals who hate them so much?

SEC football coaches ban players from owning handguns

“Alright boys, y’all can keep your shotguns and huntin’ rifles with you if you live off campus, cuz that’s what the Second Amendment was for. But don’t go round carryin’ a pistol cuz I just don’t trust you!”

Cato study: freedom of speech under assault on campus

That’s pretty much what we’ve been saying…

After all, we operate in the real world, where the Constitution actually does matter.

Friday, 2 September

Georgetown prez: No apology, reparations for slavery ties

But it’s my money and I want it now!

Safe spaces ‘critical’ to student success, college prez says

What, did they hire this guy away from Kinder-Kare or something?

Saturday, 3 September

CR posters vandalized while anti-cop BLM display remains

Naturally, a pro-Black Lives Matter display remained undisturbed.

Melissa Click muscles out competition for Gonzaga job

Mark it—that’s the cleverest headline you’ll read on the subject.

Dems receive 94% of Ivy League donations so far this cycle

In other news, the Pope is still Catholic.