KU multicultural student gov demands ‘social justice education’ in all classes

A “Multicultural Student Government” is demanding that its administration “introduce social justice education into all classrooms” because many “marginalized students” literally “struggle to survive.”

The recently-founded multicultural governing body at the University of Kansas sent out a press release at the beginning of the year, a copy of which was obtained by Campus Reform, detailing the “several attacks” marginalized students have encountered in the first few days of classes.

“In the short time since the start of the 2016-2017 school year, marginalized students have been burdened with several attacks on their identities, and many struggle to survive as a result,” the press release explains, noting instances like the recent shooting in North Carolina as well as a Black Lives Matter banner that was stolen on campus as evidence.

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“These incidents, particularly those on our own campus, highlight our greater need to stand for those who are oppressed,” the release continues. “Silence is no longer a viable option for any of us. In the wake of national campus activism, it is time to decide on which side of history we will land.”

The release goes on to demand that all “university officials” write “statements of support for marginalized students on campus, particularly trans women of color who endure daily violence,” referencing an incident in which a transgender African American woman was “harassed…as she walked” on campus.

Additionally, the Multicultural Student Government (MSG) demands that KU professors “introduce social justice education into ALL classrooms,” and adds that “Finally, we are calling on staff, especially those who supervise marginalized students to provide an inclusive, safe environment to ALL students.”

Notably, a May resolution passed by the school’s student senate to establish the MSG was vetoed by KU chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little, who said that such a practice would violate a university policy that prohibits multiple student governments from representing the same constituent (students).

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Now, however, Gray-Little plans to step down next summer, and the MSG is effectively functioning as a second student government on KU’s campus, according to Insight Into Diversity.

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