UW washes hands of racist, anti-police hoodies

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is distancing itself from the sweatshirts sold by students that promoted violence against the police and labeled all white people as racists.

“The clothing shown in these Facebook posts is not produced nor endorsed by the University of Wisconsin-Madison,” the school told Media Trackers. “In this case, the individuals involved are exercising their rights to free speech and engaging in a private activity unrelated to their status as students.”

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“Attention! Black men: if you’re talking about dismantling a system, you better include patriarchy,” reads one hoodie.

“You can’t be a revolutionary and homophobic,” another reads.

The sweatshirts also seems to promote violence against the police, with one reading, “If I Encounter Another Cop With A God Complex I’m Going To Have To Show The World That They Are Human.”

Facebook removed an original picture of the sweatshirt for not following their Community Standards, but has yet to remove the post selling the apparel.

A student who modeled one of the hoodies claims to be a Resident Assistant at one of the university’s residential dorms, and the student selling the hoodies, Eneale Pickett, is the outreach director for the Wisconsin Black Student Union, according to Media Trackers.

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