Feminists issue citations for 'whistling,' 'kissing noises'

Members of a feminist club at Sierra College are slapping students with citations when they engage in behavior that could make another “feel uncomfortable and/or threatened.”

The student group, known as “Feminist Action Club,” apparently distributed the cards, an example of which was obtained by Campus Reform, at one of its recent events, encouraging members to hand them out on campus.

“You have received this card because you did something that made me feel uncomfortable and/or threatened,” the card states, followed by a list of possible behaviors that could warrant receiving the card.

Among the possible violations are making “kissing noises,” “whistling,” “honking or shouting for my attention,” or even simply “invading my space.”

All of these, according to the card, are “harassment” and all who receive the card are ordered to “stop harassing!”

Campus Reform reached out to the advisor of the club, Megan Seely, a self-described “third wave feminist,” for comment on the matter, but did not receive a response in time for publication.

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