Hillary supporters destroy ‘fascist,’ ‘racist' free speech wall at CSU

A free speech wall erected by conservative students at Colorado State University was torn down Tuesday by crutch-wielding protesters likening Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler.

The wall, erected on campus by a student organization known as the “Conservative Interest Group,” was intended to serve as a platform for all students to exercise their First Amendment rights, but when some dissenters noticed phrases like “Make America Great Again” and “Free Milo” etched into the wall, they began dismantling the wall and shouting profanities at the organizers of the event.

“As a combat veteran, I can say ‘fuck tiny-handed Hitler and anybody who supports him,’” one protester ineloquently declared, referring to Trump. “That’s a fascist motherfucker and he’s going to get what he deserves.”

Another protester was filmed aggressively forcing a Trump supporter to take a picture with her next to a Hillary Clinton campaign sign.

At one point, an unknown protester began to scream at the event organizers for several minutes on end, eventually being approached by a man who identified himself as a fellow Democrat in order to to warn his peer that her behavior could reflect poorly on Hillary supporters.

“If anything is going to reflect badly on CSU, I think this is going to be. So why are you talking to me about something looking bad when we really should be talking about this?” she screamed in response, leaving her classmate little recourse but to walk away in a video recorded by student Stuart Smith.

That same girl later shouted down more conservative students, saying “racism is an ideology,” but claiming that it is not a “two-way street,” because it can only affect non-white individuals.

“Racism is an ideology that is used to keep people who are not designated as white down,” she hollered, and when her interlocutor suggested that racism can be a “two-way street,” she responded by repeatedly screaming, “No it’s not! No it’s not! No it’s not!”

Earlier during the event, the same girl suggested deporting “all the white guys who could be potential shooters and mass shooting victims [sic] because statistics show that you’re more likely to do that than anyone else,” adding, “So why don’t we get you the fuck out of here?”

Eventually, the wall was knocked down by a crutch-wielding student and several other angry protesters, one of whom shouted “Fuck fascists! Fuck you!” as he walked away.

Juan Caro, chairman of the Conservative Interest Group, told Campus Reform that while his demonstration rallied a lot of “conservative support,” many students were immediately shouted down when expressing their political views, and that he personally was called an “ignorant Hispanic, stupid, and fucked in the head” for supporting Trump.

“The entire time I was wondering where the ‘love’ in ‘Love Trumps Hate’ was,” he mused. “All I witnessed as a Hispanic male was the horrible white-shaming of my fellow students.”

Caro also noted that a group of progressive students recently held a similar rally on campus, during which they hung a Trump piñata by the head from a tree.

“I did not see conservative protesters screaming, vandalizing, and shaming anyone for their beliefs,” he observed. “But we build a free speech wall on campus and the entire school gets offended by it, all the supporters get called racists, and the demonstration gets destroyed multiple times. The hypocrisy is unbelievable.”

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