Clinton campaign rakes in cash from University of California

Public election data shows that employees of the University of California have donated more money than any other organization in the country to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

In fact, individuals affiliated with the public school system have wired nearly $1.2 million to the Clinton campaign, donating upwards of $1,196,143 thus far this election cycle to her campaign committee, which excludes donations to outside super PACs.

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Several other prestigious institutions top Clinton’s donor list, including Harvard University, where employees have donated more than $600,000 to her campaign, and Stanford University, where employees have donated more than $500,000.

Columbia University and New York University also join their eminent counterparts at the top of the donation list, meaning five educational institutions are ranked among the top 20 organizations to contribute to Clinton’s campaign committee.

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Notably, not a single university, public or private, ranks among Donald Trump’s top 20 donors, and the UC system has only contributed $8,701 to his campaign compared to Clinton’s $1.2 million.

(H/t: The Sacramento Bee)

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