The Weekly Roundup: It’s just not winter without snowflakes

Monday 12 December

Students rip down Shakespeare portrait at UPenn

Sounds like these shrews need some taming.

Med students: ‘racism’ is a ‘public health crisis’

Who rendered this diagnosis?

GVSU sued over repeated free speech violations

GVSU should consider a new slogan: “Getting Vocal? Shut Up!”

Kent State to keep Golda Meir quote...for now

The SJP chapter does not like a quote telling students “trust yourself.” We wouldn’t trust SJP, either.

Prof bans the term ‘illegal immigrants’ on final exams

She plans to spend the weekend going over past exams and painstakingly deleting every instance of the term. You know, for posterity.

Tuesday 13 December

Students accuse queer filmmaker of transphobia

As if a movie made in the late 90’s could’ve gone ahead with casting a trans lead!

Med school leaders urge Trump, Congress to spare Obamacare

“Please sir, can I have some more?”

Cal Poly student gov endorses ‘safe space’ for illegals

We can think of a certain “safe space” that the Cal Poly student government would just love: immaculately dressed servants bring food on trays, everyone speaks in soothing tones, and even the walls are cushioned.

They might have to repaint, though, lest all that whiteness send them into fits.

‘Holiday,’ ‘evergreen trees’ too religious for TWU

We wouldn’t be surprised if the tree huggers engaged in a bit of idolatry.

OSU offers course on ‘African American resistance’ to Trump

What have they got to lose?

Berkeley to offer course on the ‘politics of needing to go’

And you thought you had bathrooms all figured out when you graduated from pull-ups.

Wednesday 14 December

REPORT: Universities grudgingly abandon speech restrictions

Gee, it’s almost as though judges are ordering them to do it...

UC-Denver offers course on ‘Problematizing Whiteness’

“Problematizing” does seem to be an SJW specialty.

SF looks to make struggling City College tuition-free

Hmm, that might still be a bit pricey, considering that students will graduate with a degree from City College.

Students petition to fire prof for shaming Trump supporters

Will the left get a taste of its own medicine?

Thursday 15 December

Notre shame: school may break tradition by not inviting Trump

Really, though. How many septuagenarians actually pose an “immediate danger” to anyone?

BOOK REVIEW: Marxist Madrassas

If colleges are really that committed to wasting time indoctrinating students in progressive ideology, one would think that the least they could do would be to throw in a few tidbits of useful information here and there.

UNLV conservatives petition AGAINST sanctuary campus

Not that the administration has taken notice…that would require acknowledging that there are—*gasp*—conservative students on campus.

Prof prevails in FOIA fight for race-based admissions data

And now that we can see his findings, it suddenly makes perfect sense that the university spent more than a year trying to keep the statistics secret.

Friday 16 December

UW course to explore ‘The Problem of Whiteness’

A problem for whom?

Stressed-out students pet puppies, learn secrets of ‘#adulting’

Remember when they used to teach kids how to do a load of laundry and balance a checkbook during high school?

Lock Haven lets prof offer ‘Conservatism 101’ course

One has slipped through the cracks!

UW students petition to shut down YAF, punish leaders

What did they do to deserve such treatment? Why, they...invited Ben Shapiro to speak on campus. The horror!