The Weekly Roundup: Big-league liberal bigotry

Monday 9 January

Dance team accused of ‘betrayal’ for joining inauguration

But words mean so little when they and their extra $200,000 can march all the way to the bank.

NAACP demands EMU forgive its friends, punish its enemies

What was that President Obama once said about punishing one’s enemies?

Profs blame Trump win on working class racism, ‘spiritual depravity’

Will this tactic guarantee 2020 victory for the left?

Tuesday 10 January

Academic groups sign on for anti-Trump ‘Women’s March’

Nothing says “pointlessness” like protesting an inauguration.

CR president doxed, harassed by leftists at UW

Nothing says fighting bigotry like doxing college students.

UCF hosts ‘Social Justice Week’ to address racism, deportation

How about “Social Justice Weak” to represent the concept’s intellectual insipidity?

Prof wants whites to open up ‘individual reparation accounts’ to atone for slavery

Ah, but he’s neglecting his Kant. Charity is an imperfect duty.

Brown prof calls red states ‘laboratories of anti-democracy’

Change the “laboratories” to “lavatories” and remove the “anti” and you might have an appropriate description of regressive universities’ role in America.

Wednesday 11 January

UO prez: free speech doesn’t protect prof who wore blackface

Why? Because it wasn’t verbal?

Librarians ‘struggle against racism’ with Trump-bashing syllabus

Poor librarians...Apparently they’re so racist that the only way they can assuage their guilt is by serving as drones for liberal causes.

Syracuse: Telling dudes to wear pants is a ‘bias-related incident’

Okay, but telling them NOT to wear pants is a whole different kind of transgression. So where do we go from here?

Berkeley defies demands to cancel Milo event from 100+ profs

This hasn’t been done before...

Georgetown Dems asked to bunk down with Trump protesters

Didn’t your mother ever tell you to not talk to strangers?

Dems attack Trump’s Ed Sec for donating to civil rights group

The Devil has donned his parka.

Thursday 12 January

AAUW: ‘Straight white men’ host too many awards shows

Here’s a fun exercise when browsing SJW literature: replace “straight white men” with “Jews” and any purportedly “marginalized” group with “Germans.” Does it look as innocuous and acceptable now?

Universities to host anti-Trump inaugural events

Even losers deserve to celebrate.

SIU prez shoots down student gov’t resolution for sanctuary campuses

It might have something to do with the disparity between the incentives to obtain federal funding versus appeasing crybullies.

OCC may punish student for recording prof’s anti-Trump rant

Yes, because punishing whistleblowers won’t backfire.

AFT to sponsor second round of ‘sanctuary campus’ protests

Excellent; we look forward to it with anticipation. The first round of protests only led to a discussion of how sheltering illegal immigrants could jeopardize schools’ federal funding.

UW lists ‘you guys,’ ‘ugly’ among ‘offensive’ terms to avoid

But what if someone has truly bad taste in curtains, or even hairstyles? Are we to just silently judge them while allowing them to perpetuate their folly indefinitely?

Friday 13 January

VIDEO: Students call BuzzFeed article ‘sketchy,’ ‘unethical’

The funny thing is, we didn’t even mention a specific article. We just said “BuzzFeed article” and they launched into harangues.

Prof calls for ‘moratorium on microaggression training’

Coming soon: “Prof goes into hiding as progressive colleagues bay for blood”

Talladega marching band cashes in on Trump inauguration

Perhaps money can’t buy you love, but sometimes controversy can buy you money.

Profs pledge to use ‘regular class time’ to protest Trump

That’s like vowing to give up exercise for Lent.

UW to host ‘Capitalism or Crapitalism?’ workshop

Ooh, that’s clever (well, it’s technically a pun, anyhow). Did they have to hold a workshop to come up with that one?

GVSU seminar warns that ‘fashion trends’ are ‘oppressive’

They misspelled “boring and irrelevant.”

Pierce students say new all-gender restrooms not good enough

Seriously! Who has time to wait for automatic doors to open, only to then drown under the immense water pressure in the sinks without even the benefit of a tampon to help absorb the excess moisture?

SLU to host 11-week ‘Witnessing Whiteness’ series on 'privilege, whiteness, and racism’

How many field trip to Vineyard Vines can they possible take?

UW librarians take workshops to learn how to apologize, deal with their racism and ‘privilege’

Who knew that librarians were such a sarcastic, bigoted bunch?