MAP: Inauguration protests sweep through campuses

Universities across the country are preparing for a Trump presidency with a weekend of protests and walkouts, while others are shipping students all the way to D.C. to participate in the uproar.

The following map demonstrates an unsurprising geographical distribution of anti-Trump protests, with the highest concentration of demonstrations on the East and West coasts, as Campus Reform has observed of anti-Trump protests in the past.

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Notably, California will be home to the large majority of anti-Trump protests occurring this weekend on college campuses, with students from eight different schools participating in the uprising in one way or another.

In total, 33 of America’s most prestigious schools will demonstrate against Trump during his inauguration weekend, many of which are participating in a nationwide teach-in known as “Teach, Organize, Resist,” which is asking professors to set aside “regular class time” for teach-ins as a means of “challenging Trumpism.”

Several other schools, including a Catholic school in Minnesota, will be subsidizing buses to send students to the Women’s March on Washington, an explicitly pro-abortion, anti-Trump protest.

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The map is categorized by the time and date of each protest, with green markers designating pre-inauguration protests, blue ones indicating Inauguration Day protests, and red representing post-inauguration protests.

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