Humboldt holds 'Day of Solidarity' to 'heal' from Inauguration

Humboldt State University is holding a “Day of Solidarity” to help students “heal” from Donald Trump’s inauguration with free massages, food, meditation, and yoga.

With the inaugural proceedings in mind, Humboldt encourages students to “learn about self care strategies” at the half-day event, calling it an opportunity for them to express their “hopes, fears, and solidarity” as well.

A flyer for the event looks to draw attendees by offering students an opportunity to “make a tangible pledge to communities at risk,” and to practice what it calls “tangible tools for systematic change” with discussions on “How to Be an Effective Ally,” “Bystander Intervention,” and “Intentional Activism.”

The flyer also details other “self care strategies” being offered to students who are struggling to come to terms with the new president, including “yoga” and “stretching.”

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Although the flyer does not explicitly name Trump’s inauguration as the inspiration for the events, The Lumberjack, Humboldt’s student newspaper and a co-sponsor of the event, reports that the event is “geared toward ensuring students continue to feel safe and respected throughout the inaugural process,” while advertisements for the event feature numerous references to the event’s potential to act as “a day to join together as a community, heal, express, and plan for the future.”

Elaborating on the perceived necessity of the “Day of Solidarity,” The Lumberjack explains that following the transition of power, “many HSU students may feel some sort of a bowling ball-like mass in the top of their chest and then squint blurry-eyed as it drops all the way down during Trumps procession through the D.C. streets.”

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The paper does, however, clarify that the event is not intended exclusively for those experiencing chest pains over Obama’s departure, extending an open invitation to any students who “feel misunderstood as a Trump supporter.”

Campus Reform reached out to the organizers of Humboldt’s Day of Solidarity, but did not receive a response in time for publication.

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