Prof: Trump voters see people of color as problem with US

A professor at Northern Arizona University recently claimed that Trump voters supported their candidate because they believe “that people of color are what’s wrong with America.”

Campus Reform obtained a video of Professor Paul Lenze explaining the motivating force behind the Trump phenomenon, suggesting that American voters picked Trump because of an alleged distaste for people of color.

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While the lecture started off with a discussion of global economies and their perceived benefits, Lenze quickly shifted gears to discussing the threats facing globalization, naturally bringing up America’s new president.

“We’re seeing the rise of populism; we’re seeing individuals saying that our jobs are being taken away. You know, talk to someone in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, or Iowa—Ohio—those who voted for Donald Trump,” he suggested.

“They voted for this man because he represents a conservative viewpoint of the world that globalization is a bad thing; that the loss of American jobs is what is wrong with America; that people of color are what’s wrong with America,” he claimed.

Lenze, though, defended his comments when speaking with Campus Reform and provided additional context for his lecture, noting that he “was discussing the development of the world,” “the development of liberalism,” and explaining “the views of liberals and conservatives.”

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“I am always fair and balanced in my coverage of political issues,” he said, adding that he thinks racism could have been an influence in the election, though “only a small” one.

“I think racism is still prevalent in his country,” he told Campus Reform. “Regarding the election, racism was probably only a small influence. The majority of those who voted for President Trump were white middle class voters who've felt the impact of globalization in jobs being shipped overseas.”

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