College club clubs Trump effigy at recruitment fair

A feminist organization at a Minnesota college recently invited students to batter a Donald Trump effigy during a school-wide recruitment fair.

The Gustavus Adolphus College “Womyn’s Awareness Center” (the misspelling is intentional) erected an effigy of President Trump alongside its recruitment table Wednesday, encouraging passers-by to unleash their political anger on a replica of the new president.

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According to images of the event obtained by Campus Reform, members of the Womyn’s Center dubbed the activity “Wac-a-Trump,” attaching a list of their grievances with the new administration to the Trump-dummy.

Among the 32 reasons listed were Trump’s apparent efforts to make “lists of his enemies,” use the “Army to target civilians,” and call “his critics ‘enemies.’”

Additionally, the list of grievances blatantly asserts that Trump has attempted to ban “a religion from immigrating to the United States,” while using “his position as president to make money for his businesses,” citing an article from The Independent on Trump’s controversial immigration order as proof for the former, and another article from Think Progress as evidence of the latter.

The group also lists Trump’s “freezing federal agencies from communicating through Twitter,” as well as alleged threats to “enact martial law in American cities” and “prevent administration officials from appearing on CNN” as other motivations for opposing his administration.

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Notably, the Womyn’s Center describes itself as a “designated safe place for people to think, discuss, argue, laugh, and freely by themselves,” and, as a recognized student organization, is required to avoid “disruptive or inconsiderate behavior,” which “constitutes grounds for charges within the college student conduct system.”

As an official student group, the Womyn’s Center is eligible to receive funding from the school’s Student Senate, according to a list of policies on the university’s website.

Campus Reform reached out to the school for additional comment on the matter, but did not receive a response in time for publication.

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