The Weekly Roundup: Free lunch for illegals

Monday 27 February

Trinity students deface D’Souza posters to protest ‘propaganda’

Based on what these students think is “great” about America, Trump has his work cut out for him.

McAdams: conservative students like ‘insurgents’ on campus

Except that they aren’t given as much freedom to associate as are real insurgents.

UMass Boston prof shares anti-Trump fliers with class

What better time to invite students to a partisan political rally than right at the end of class, when you know they’re all listening for the assignment?

‘Antifa’ group openly promotes violence, vandalism at Clemson

Again. What point to fighting fascism if one is going to employ the same tactics as the fascists?

UCLA restricts enrollment in popular free speech course

This is just the tip of a very sordid iceberg. Stay tuned.

Tuesday 28 February

Student has home vandalized after trolling Antifa groups

Sure, he poked the bear. But he did it in a fairly amusing way.

AAUW launches campaign to ‘squash’ ‘sexist microaggressions’

The giant foot of social justice stomps hard. Or at least, that’s their theory.

NU prof: illegals have ‘moral’ right to govt-funded healthcare

Yeah, but that’s what they said about citizens, too, and look how that turned out.

Voting reveals opposition to unionization, Yale admin claims

Seriously. If you’re going to rig a vote, at least have the courtesy to do it well.

Wednesday 1 March

Columbia prof blames student suicides on Trump

The suicides “can have no other meaning,” at least until the good professors become embarrassed at their wording and declare that they had another meaning.

AU trustee scoffs at form letter demanding divestment

A thoroughly appropriate response, if you ask us.

NYU alumni demand legal support, financial aid for illegals

Note that they aren’t volunteering to provide the funding, though.

Criticizing Sharia is ‘hate speech,’ Georgetown students say

So how are we supposed to talk about Sharia, then?

Trick question! We aren’t supposed to talk about it at all.

UMD students propose universal fees to fund ‘socialist society’

Or is the real purpose of free Metro rides just to cut down on classroom overcrowding?

Scripps suggests paying minority students for 'emotional labor'

Uh, guys? Volunteer work isn’t typically compensated.

Thursday 2 March

College ‘study group’ to address ‘depravity of whiteness’

To clarify, since apparently clarification is necessary: The issue here is with a school employee using student and faculty listservs to promote the study group.

Vandals continue to harass Berkeley College Republicans

There have now officially been more arrests made for vandalism of CR signs in the past week than were made when violent rioters attempted to ransack the campus.

USC creating 'emergency fund' for immigrant students

Why bother? Gov. Brown is already pushing a plan to raid middle class scholarships for that very purpose.

W&M student gov may 'pitch in' thousands for BLM conference

That would be roughly 14 times the amount they allocated for a suicide prevention event.

Good to know they have their priorities straight.

UMN revamps homecoming court to promote 'gender inclusivity'

Doesn’t eliminating the title of “queen” seem a little insensitive to the gay community?

Student newspaper chafes at censorship from admins

Huh. We thought there was something in the Constitution somewhere about that...

Four more states join fight to protect free speech on campus

That leaves just 39 slackers.

That’s right, we’re looking at you, Rhode Island.

GVSU settles with conservatives, gives up 'speech zones'

Apparently they didn’t feel confident that the court would agree that they had a dire educational need to protect students from large inflatable balls.

Friday 3 March

Pence, not Trump, to deliver ND Commencement address

Who says you can’t please everyone?

Berkeley condemns 'disturbing' attacks on College Republicans

Sorry, the novelty still hasn’t worn off.

GW paper: Duckworth a good choice for 'liberal-leaning' students

Uh-huh. And the rest of them?

WUSTL faculty demand ‘loan forgiveness’ for deported students

Maybe the faculty could just take over repayment of those loans?

Haverford College creates queer-designated housing

That’s not a stigma waiting to happen...

Cornell protesters demand funding, housing for illegals

That’s awfully generous of them. And here these immigrants were only expecting opportunity.

Former UT chancellor gets cushy salary following controversial tenure

Maybe it’s just so he can pay the school back for all the funding cuts that his policies provoked.