Dems rake in 90 percent of Evergreen State political donations

Election data shows that employees of Evergreen State College have donated overwhelmingly to Democratic candidates in every election cycle for the past two decades.

Going back to the 1996 election cycle, Democrats have enjoyed a ten-to-one advantage over Republicans in donations from Evergreen employees, receiving just over $50,000 over that period, compared to just under $5,000 that was donated to GOP candidates, according to data collected by the Center for Responsive Politics.

During the 2016 election, for instance, Evergreen staff donated $10,086 to Democrats but only $400 to Republicans, meaning 95 percent of all 2016 donations went to Democratic candidates while only 4 percent went to the opposing party.

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All $400 worth of Republican donations went to Ben Carson’s presidential campaign, while most of the Democratic donations went to Sen. Bernie Sanders rather than his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

Indeed, Sanders received $5,404 from Evergreen employees, but Clinton only received $2,026, with the remainder of the contributions going to Democratic candidates for the House and Senate.

Similarly, Evergreen employees made $16,741 in donations to Democratic candidates in 2008, during Barack Obama’s first bid for the presidency, whereas only $200 went to Republican candidates during that same year.

During the previous presidential election year, 2004, 100 percent of the $7,773 donated by school employees went to Democratic candidates, though the disparity was somewhat smaller in 2012, when only 75 percent of donations went to Democrats.

In fact, only two election cycles out of the past 11 have featured anything approaching parity in political contributions from Evergreen State, with Democrats receiving roughly 60 percent of donations in both 2006 and 2010.

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Meanwhile, Evergreen employees have not given a single dollar to a Republican congressional candidate since 2012.

Notably, Evergreen President George Bridges has himself made multiple donations to Democratic candidates, with $250 going to Rep. Dennis Heck in 2016, $300 to former Rep. Walt Minnick in 2008, and $500 to Sen. Patty Murray in 2014.

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