Profs heap even MORE vitriol on McCain after health care vote

After Sen. John McCain’s inspiring speech to his colleagues on Capitol Hill Tuesday, some professors took to Twitter to once again trash him for his views on health care.

Rutgers University's notorious and self-described “Beyonce Professor” Kevin Allred, who previously tweeted that he didn’t have “sympathy” for McCain after news of his brain cancer, minced no words this time around.

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“Fuck John McCain tbh [to be honest] and fuck a standing ovation for him eagerly voting to take away insurance from millions,” he tweeted, followed by a middle-finger emoji.

Similarly, Temple University Professor Sara Goldrick-Rab claimed that “the world just lost all respect for John McCain” after his speech to Congress.

“Make that true. Make him know it. Shame on him,” she added, to which University of Nevada Professor Shanon Taylor replied, “as long as he keeps his health care, right?”

“Without ACA, my college-age kids w/ pre-existing conditions are SOL,” she continued.

As Campus Reform previously reported, several professors made similar remarks after news broke that McCain had been diagnosed with untreatable brain cancer, including one who called him “a war criminal” and “a risible public figure.”

Campus Reform reached out to Allred and Goldrick-Rab for comment, but did not receive a response in time for publication.

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