Prof fired after wishing for death of Trump, McCain

Montclair State University has parted ways with its self-described “Beyonce Professor” after he tweeted that he wished “someone would just shoot” Donald Trump.

According to The College Fix, Professor Kevin Allred called Trump “a fucking joke,” before expressing that he wanted “someone to just shoot him outright,” though the tweet has since been deleted.

Campus Reform has previously reported on Allred’s remarks about Sen. John McCain, who was lambasted by several college professors after news broke of his cancer diagnoses.

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“Fuck John McCain tbh [to be honest] and fuck a standing ovation for him eagerly voting to take away insurance from Millions,” Allred tweeted, followed with a middle-finger emoji.

“You better believe I will wish death on John McCain if he votes yes on this bullshit bill after all that meaningless speechifying,” he stated in a subsequent tweet, saying he couldn’t wait until “Campus Reform writes yet another” article about him.

As a result, Allred informed his Twitter followers Monday night that he had been fired by Montclair State University before he “even started teaching there.”

“Congrats to the Trump trolls, but you’re still not special,” he added, saying “this is not the fucking gross and politically regressive world” he wants to live in."

This is hardly the first time, though, that Allred’s tweets have caused trouble with his employer when after Election Day he threatened to shoot white Second Amendment supporters to test their commitment to the tenet.

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“Will the Second Amendment be as cool when I buy a gun and start shooting at random white people or no?” he tweeted, and, after multiple complaints were filed about his behavior, he was escorted by New Jersey authorities to a nearby psych ward where he was required to submit to a psych evaluation.

Rutgers University, Allred’s former place of employment, clarified on Tuesday that Allred is “no longer an employee” of the university.

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