NYU seeks admin to 'liaise with identity-based student clubs'

New York University is now looking for a full-time employee to help “plan and facilitate a leadership retreat for students of color.”

According to a job posting for the new position, the school’s “Program Administrator” will be responsible for developing “educational programs focusing on diversity issues for the entire university community,” along with devising “community building and leadership development opportunities for students who are students of color, multi-racial, and/or have multiple identities, such as LGBTQ students of color.”

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Included in such “leadership opportunities” will be NYU’s annual Students of Color Leadership Retreat, offering them a chance to “come together and discuss their needs, frustrations, desires, and hopes.”

A separate, internal announcement posted on the school’s website elaborates that the Program Administrator will also “coordinate dynamic and engaging events related to social justice issues for the campus community, liaise with identity-based student clubs to develop relationships and build collaborative programming, and facilitate trainings on identity, diversity, and social justice.”

As such, the description notes, candidates should be prepared to “work with a team of people committed to and passionate about social justice, personally and professionally.”

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The Students of Color Leadership Retreat, historically hosted in upstate New York, offers students of color an opportunity to enhance their “knowledge of organizing, coalition building, and intersectionality,” according to an announcement for last year’s retreat.

“Before this retreat, I wasn’t very active in social justice but I think that this trip has made it really easy for me to get to know other people from other cultures and their forms of racial inequality,” one student stated in a promotional video for the exclusive event, which photos indicate drew roughly 30 participants.

The school’s Multicultural Office has justified the retreat by arguing that “leadership development initiatives empower marginalized communities to become advocates and activists by centering historically oppressed narratives and thought traditions around community, leadership, and justice.”

The successful applicant for the Program Administrator position must have at least a Bachelor's degree related to higher education, along with “knowledge and/or experience of working with students from diverse backgrounds, particularly students of color.”

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While the job posting does not specify it does note that the new hire will be placed in compensation “band 52,” which according to NYU’s compensation policy is the lowest pay grade available.

Campus Reform reached out to NYU about the job listing, but did not receive a response in time for publication.

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