Columbia students storm classroom to harass Title IX admin

A group of Columbia University students barged into the classroom of a Title IX administrator Thursday to protest the school’s alleged mishandling of sexual assault.

A video of the protest shows students storming into the classroom of Suzanne Goldberg, a high ranking administrator who has been repeatedly criticized by students for allegedly failing to fulfill her duties as an administrator involved with sexual assault response.

“We are here today because despite the repeated efforts of student organizers, survivors at Columbia and Barnard are still endangered by administrators like Suzanne Goldberg,” announced student Amelia Roskin-Frazee, who has filed a Title IX lawsuit against Columbia, and who came to Columbia explicitly hoping to become an activist.

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“Professor Goldberg proudly refers to her experience as an LGBTQ rights lawyer while continuing to create a dangerous environment for students—including queer students—on this campus” Roskin-Frazee claimed, flanked by five students holding protest signs.

In the video, Goldberg can be heard telling the protesters to leave as Roskin-Frazee continued her speech.

“You’re interrupting my class. This is a core function of the school. This is a disruption,” Goldberg says. “What I’m telling you is that you can’t [inaudible] in the middle of my class,” she continues, adding that she’d be “glad to talk to you [Roskin Frazee]” after class is over.

Group of students protesting Suzanne Goldberg’s class today from Bwog on Vimeo.

Immediately after Roskin-Frazee finished her speech, the students exited the classroom, and the sexual assault awareness group No Red Tape posted a modified version of the speech on its Facebook page, calling for “solidarity” with the protesters.

“We are in solidarity with the students who disrupted EVP Goldberg’s class today,” No Red Tape wrote.  “We hope EVP Goldberg considers the importance of their message about Title IX.” While Roskin-Frazee is a known member of No Red Tape, it is unclear if the group had any role in organizing the protest.

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Campus Reform reached out to Columbia University on whether protesters would be punished for disrupting class, a possible violation of the University Conduct Policy, but did not receive a response in time for publication.

This isn’t the first time that students have targeted Goldberg, though.

Just last year, student members of Columbia Divest for Climate Justice were caught on video stalking her to her taxi, screaming at her that they wanted “divestment” as she fled.

Just a day earlier, students had followed her to a campus administrative building to call for divestment, as well.

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