Christian prof fired over theologically-based song called 'Little Hitler'

  • Taylor University, an evangelical Christian institution, removed a professor for singing a song that allegedly violated its values.
  • The professor asserts that his song was completely appropriate and in line with Christian doctrine.
  • The professor believes that his termination was unjust.

A professor at Indiana’s Taylor University was fired after refusing to take a controversial song off YouTube.

Jim Spiegel's tenure of over 27 years at the Upland, Indiana institution ended August 24 for composing a song on YouTube titled "Little Hitler," which aimed to make the point that everyone has evil inside of them. According to the Religion News Service, this was announced to the university in an email addressed to the “Taylor University Family.”  

Spiegel, who was a professor of philosophy and religion at the university, told Campus Reform that early on August 24 he had a meeting with Taylor Provost Mike Hammond and Dean of the School of Arts, Biblical Studies, and Humanities Tom Jones, as well as a few assistants. 

They allegedly then read aloud the letter announcing his dismissal to him.

Spiegel was dismissed after refusing to remove a song he composed, titled “Little Hitler,” from YouTube.  In the song, Spiegel sends a message about the Christian doctrine of the “depravity of man” which is connected to the more well-known doctrine of Original Sin that teaches that human beings are born imperfect and sinful.  

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