Diapers, bubbles offend at anti-safe space event

Turning Point USA (TPUSA) at Kent State University held an “Anti-Safe Space” event Wednesday, during which members dressed in diapers.

With the help the Young Americans for Liberty Chapter (YAL), TPUSA members set up a baby guardrail, child-oriented activities, and dressed in baby attire, much to the consternation of their liberal classmates.

In response to the demonstration, anonymous students posted flyers criticizing TPUSA. One flyer noted that Turning Point’s founder Charlie Kirk writes for Breitbart, a “neo-nazi/white supremacist (alt-right) newspaper,” another contrasted TPUSA’s support for free speech with its Professor Watchlist, and a third flyer called TPUSA’s demonstration “embarrassing.”

When asked about the event, Kent State TPUSA President Kaitlin Bennett said, “the idea . . . was to show how ridiculous safe spaces are.”

“We were being ridiculous and absurd on purpose to showcase how adults look when they say words hurt their feelings,” she told Campus Reform.

Bennett feels that the outcome of the event was generally positive, noting that TPUSA “got so many people talking and a lot of people loved our props.”

While there was some backlash to the event, Bennett believes that “[t]he majority of people who didn't like it were the SJW keyboard warriors who stalk TPUSA at Kent State’s Twitter.”

Maggie Pusateri, a freshman in the TPUSA chapter, believes “liberals saw the event solely through emotion, as usual, rather than through reason.”

“Yes, it could be taken offensively, but the reason we do events like this is to get people's attention, not because we believe they actually wear diapers or anything!”

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