UNC-Charlotte hosts 'Sextival' with NSFW workshop titles

A North Carolina school is hosting an event on “Butt Fun,” “Fluid Bonding,” and sexuality arts and crafts.

UNC Charlotte hosted its second annual “Sextival” event Tuesday, featuring workshops on a litany of sexual topics. The Research on Women’s Health Interest Group (R-WHIG), Peer Leader-Educators Advocating For Sexuality Education (PLEASE), and the school’s College of Health and Human Services sponsored the event.

The symposium started with events titled “Sexy Science Fair" and “Sex in the Community,” followed by several workshops, all pertaining to sexuality. 

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Some of the other workshops included “Fluid Bonding,” “Partner Massage (Bring a Buddy),” “Level Up: Tricks for How to Give Better Head,” “Butt Fun for Everyone: Safe, Pleasurable Anal Play,” and “Sexpo Mode: Gimme the Lube,”  a wordplay on a Travis Scott song, titled “Sicko Mode” that includes a sample of a Notorious B.I.G. song titled “Gimme the Loot.”

These workshops were followed by a sexuality arts and crafts section during which attendees could make their “own condom blow pop or vulva art.” 

Campus Reform reached out to the university’s Center for Wellness Promotion for comment, but did not receive a response in time for press. 

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