VIDEO: Students not paying attention to Dems' 'partisan' impeachment efforts

“This is honestly just a show," one student said.

Campus Reform went to American University to ask students whether they were following the impeachment trial.

Most students said they were “not really” following the trial, citing things like school, work, and lack of interest as different reasons.

.Campus Reform Digital Reporter Eduardo Neret went to American University to see if students are keeping up with President Donald Trump's impeachment trial in the U.S. senate.

Most students told Neret they weren’t following along, and cited partisan motives and a lack of interest as reasons.

“It just seems kind of just like it’s partisan,” one student said. 

Another student, who told Neret she didn’t like Trump, said that the trial is “just a show.” 

Other students talked about the overabundance of impeachment coverage in the media.

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“I feel like they’re reporting so much for something that I don’t think there’s that much to report about,” one student said. 

“Honestly, once I see anything regarding impeachment I just turn my eye. I change the channel. I change the page. I don’t really care to be honest,” a different student told Neret. 

Some students cited work and school as reasons they were not following the trial. 

“On top of having a job outside of my classes, I’m a tutor, and I’m also going to start working in a lab soon. So I’ve just been really busy,” one student said. 

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“I’ve just been busy lately,” another student said. 

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