VIDEO: Young Americans don’t trust Trump on TikTok ban, don’t think app is a threat

Campus Reform recently asked young Americans about President Donald Trump’s TikTok ban.

They also said they do not necessarily trust Trump over China.

Many said they disagree with the decision and don't think the app is a threat.

With President Donald Trump’s recently announced ban on the popular social media app TikTok, Campus Reform asked young Americans if they agree with the decision and if they see the app as a threat because of its connections to China.

Most said they did not see the app as a threat, despite its security concerns. 

Several noted they had “nothing to hide” in terms of keeping their personal data safe.

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“It’s Trump,” one individual said. “There’s a lot of decisions that he’s made that I don’t agree with. One of those is TikTok.”

“I have heard a little bit about China owning the information, the data information,” another person added. “I don’t personally feel threatened by it. I also don’t have anything to hide.”

Campus Reform then asked the young Americans if they trust Trump or China more. 

Several individuals responded by bashing Trump.

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“I’m against Trump, so I don’t believe anything Trump has to say,” one person responded. 

She added that Trump’s ban on Tik Tok was simply “Chinese racism.”

“That’s a very difficult question to ask,” another individual laughed before adding that she did not trust “either of them.”

“Trump says a lot of stuff,” one person added. “He’s been discredited, I don’t know, how many times? But also China could be lying as well.”

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