Sex ed program helps future educators address students' masturbation habits

Rutgers University partnered with to create Answer, an organization dedicated to teach children about sexuality.

Answer promotes videos from to teach students about gender identity and sexuality including "How Many Times Can A Person Masturbate In One Day?"

Rutgers University has teamed up with to create Answer, an organization that “provides and promotes unfettered access to comprehensive sexuality education for young people and the adults who teach them.” 

Answer’s mission is to “create a culture in which sexuality is understood, valued and respected," according to its website.

Through Answer, Rutgers students in the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology can now obtain a Certificate in Adolescent Sex Education Basics.

The $1,800 certificate program includes the workshops "LGBTQ Issues in Schools: Celebrating and Supporting Diversity," "Relationship Skills for Teens: Dating, Mating and Deliberating," and "Personal Comfort When Teaching Sexuality Education."

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On Mar. 30th, Answer tweeted, “LGBTQ Lesson Plans are here! See how we suggest discussing GENDER IDENTITY, SEXUALITY, BEING AN ALLY & MORE.” 

Answer promotes videos from to teach students about gender identity and sexuality. 

These videos, which are geared toward “young people ages 10 to 14,”  include titles such as,  ‘How Many Times Can A Person Masturbate In One Day,’ ‘Gender Identity: Being Female, Male, Transgender or Genderfluid,’ and, ‘Home Life: Why Are Parents So Annoying?’

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For teachers, Answer offers lesson plans to be utilized in the classroom. 

Answer also founded, an organization “on a mission to improve teen sexual health across the country.” 

The website features a Condom Game and a blog. Blog topics include “Happy 49th, Roe v. Wade,” “Pride Month Products: Representation or Rainbow Capitalism,” and“Asexuality: Are You Aware.”

Answer,, and Rutgers University did not respond to requests for comment from Campus Reform.

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