Campus Profile: University of Central Oklahoma

UCO is a public university in Edmond. Around 12,661 undergraduate students are enrolled at the university.

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The University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) is a public university in Edmond. Around 12,661 undergraduate students are enrolled at the university.

Official Political Student Organizations: 



Conservative Organizations:

    Turning Point USA

    UCO College Republicans


Liberal Organizations:

    College Democrats of UCO

    National Organization for Women

    Secular Student Club

    Student Alliance for Equality

    Student Socialist League of UCO


University Leadership:

    Patti Neuhold-Ravikumar, President

    UCO Foundation Board of Trustees

    Ancel Airington

    Tammy Alger

    Lee Beasley

    Sherry Beasley

    Ann Benjamin

    John Bobb-Semple

    Victoria Caldwell

    Michael Chandler

    Jeff Coil

    Freda Deskin

    Jack Evans

    Violet Ford

    Peggy Geib

    Joshua Hart

    Ana Carmina Dange

    Kevin Hill

    Thomas Kupiec

    Alexis LoPresto

    Joni McClain

    Patrick Mok

    Mike Moore

    Juliane Morgan

    Kate O’Neill Rauber

    Shane Pate II

    Davis Puryear

    Kirby Ross

    Paige Shepherd

    J. Michael Steffen

    Sheila Stinson

    Tom Thompson

    Max Tuepker

    Garland Wilkinson


OpenSecrets Data on University of Central Oklahoma Employee Political Donations

In the 2020 election cycle, 93.9% of UCO employee donations went to Democratic candidates in federal elections, while 6.1% of donations went to Republican candidates, according to data from Open Secrets.


Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression Rating:

UCO has been given a red light speech code. According to FIRE, this is due to “at least one university policy clearly and substantially restricting freedom of speech.” FIRE also notes that a red light policy at a public institution is unconstitutional. 


UCO is NOT requiring a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for students and employees.


Campus Reform stories about Central Oklahoma University:

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A Heartland Institute scholar recently accused Oklahoma colleges and universities of discriminating against conservative applicants by mandating "radical requirements."