‘Porn in the Dorm’: Universities ‘promoting’ pornography, says Family Research Council

The conservative Family Research Council (FRC) on Wednesday hosted a lecture aimed at informing students on the “dangers” of pornography on their college campuses.

The Family Research Council said university administrators are pushing porn on college campuses.

“It is in the nature of man to experiment with evil to find out what is good,” said Dr. Patrick Fagan, who is the senior fellow and director of the Marriage and Religion Research Institute, referring to male students’ tendency to sample pornography in their freshman years.

“[Y]ou have this strange situation where the leaders of the university are not only permitting this but promoting it,” he continued. “So it is going to be harder for young men to choose the right way.”

The event, held at the FRC’s Washington D.C., headquarters, was officially titled “Porn in the Dorm,” and aimed to highlight supposed negative effects FRC perceives of viewing pornography.

“For college students, the use of pornography is especially problematic,” said Fagan. “[W]atching porn has the potential to “destroy their [students’] education, their relationships and their future.”

At the event, Fagan also advised students to engage in “good dances, not erotic dances.”

Fagan was appointed deputy assistant secretary for family and community policy for the Department of Health and Human Services by President George H.W. Bush. 

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