University hosts event where students, faculty talk about sex in room lit by glowsticks

75 free vibrators given away to students

Boston University (BU) sponsored a panel in which students were encouraged to talk to faculty members about sex in a room lit by glowsticks.

"There were the more provocative questions that most students were waiting for, questions like 'Why do people shave their buttholes?' that were answered in a rather knowledgeable and informative manner," according to The Quad, a campus publication.

"The panelists responded by saying that people shave their buttholes for the same reason they shave any other parts, for the feeling of cleanliness," the article stated.

The room was completely dark, except for "the splatter of colorful glowsticks," which the university provided.

Panelists included Sophie Godley of the BU School of Public Health and Dr. Elizabeth Boskey of the Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Program.

Sex in the Dark took place on Tuesday. The first 75 students to attend received free vibrators.

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