'Dumpster Professor' moves to phase two of year-long project

The ‘Dumpster Professor’ has now ended the first phase of the sustainability project and will upgrade his dwelling with electricity and air conditioning next month.

Campus Reform previously reported on Huston-Tillotson University Professor Jeff Wilson’s quest to become the “new 1%” by living in a dumpster for a year. His goal is to live with 1% of what most Americans use in water, electricity, waste, and space.

The environmental science professor has already had to face flooding and temperatures reaching up to 124 degrees.

Wilson’s biggest accomplishments so far include the first usable garden at the university in nearly 50 years, which is watered with condensation from a nearby AC unit, and a weather station that is attached to his dumpster.

Phase two of this three step plan includes the addition of modern amenities, such as a hot water heater, a washing machine, and a dryer.

Professor Wilson’s hopes his project will be an example for living a sustainable, albeit smelly, life.

“Just like Bill Nye the Science Guy or Mrs. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus, Professor Dumpster will engage with the next generation in creative thinking about the important topics of sustainability and science education,” his website states.


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