VIDEO: Penn State prof. arrested after in-flight rant about Venezuela

When passengers board a plane, they expect a greeting from the flight attendants, refreshments, and instructions on how to have a safe flight. However, passengers headed to Miami, Florida received a little extra information: the United States has declared war on Venezuela.

At least, that’s according to Karen Halnon, an associate professor of sociology at Penn State-Abington. As reported by the Miami New Times, Halnon was arrested at Miami International Airport this past weekend after a bizarre diatribe she gave in the middle of a flight from Managua, Nicaragua.

"The United States has declared war on Venezuela! The United States has declared war on Venezuela!" Halnon shouts in the video.

At another point, she declares deceased Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez her “great hero,” and praises his nationalization of the country’s oil supply “so that the people would own the oil. Not Exxon Mobil. Tell Exxon Mobil to go away.”

After Halnon’s rant, she lights and attempts to take a few drags from a cigarette. However, she quickly put it out and tried to hide it under the seat pocket. When approached about the cigarette, she blamed it on the person sitting next to her.

The Miami police arrived and arrested her for disorderly conduct. Leaving the plane, she screamed, “Fuck you, this is not democracy!”

Halnon’s bond was set to $500 and she has since posted it.

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