Ridiculous courses college students can take in the fall

From toddler beauty pageants to zombies, college students across the country can enroll in a plethora of odd courses while working towards their degree.

This fall, students at Pennsylvania State University (PSU) will be able to enroll in Toddlers, Tiaras and Taboos: Girlhood in Twentieth-Century American Literature, a course based on the TLC show Toddlers and Tiaras.

According the PSU course catalog, the class explores societal expectations placed on young girls in the twentieth-century and how such demands change based on class, race, and sexuality. Required reading for this course includes Little House on the Prairie, Lolita, and Fun Home, a graphic novel previously reported on by Campus Reform, that features cartoon drawings of a woman masturbating and engaging in oral sex.

This past spring, students at the University of Pennsylvania were able to “study” Wasting Time on the Internet, a course which required little more from than surfing the web and wasting time. It was taught by English Professor Kenneth Goldsmith, who previously tried to print the Internet.

Zombies in Popular Media is a three-credit course that is currently offered at Columbia College in Chicago. Students will explore the history of zombies “in horror and fantasy texts” according to the course description. Assignments will include a “focus on reflection and commentary, while final projects foster thoughtful connections between student disciplines and the figure of the zombie.”

“Methods of Ingestion: Cooking” and “Indoor Horticulture” are just two of the extensive cannabis centered classes at Oaksterdam University (OU). According to the schedule, students enrolled in “Cooking with Cannabis” will learn “how to cook with whole plant medicine and extracts, regulate and titrate dosages, proper packaging, food safety, and how to make cannabutter step-by-step.”

OU is an internationally recognized cannabis college where students can advance their career in the cannabis industry.

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