USC student warns that impeaching conservative senator would confirm liberal bias

A University of Southern California student is urging Student Government not to impeach a conservative colleague, saying it would only confirm the existence of liberal bias on campus.

In a letter to the editor of the Daily Trojan Monday, USC senior Luke Phillips argues that impeaching Jacob Ellenhorn would be a mistake not only because the charges against him are “vague, speculative, and weak,” but also because doing so would vindicate the notion that he is being targeted for publicly expressing his conservative beliefs.

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“There are probably plenty of bylaws violations here and there,” Phillips summarizes after recounting the charges, “but if they’re dug up specifically in Sen. Ellenhorn’s case and not in other cases, is it any surprise he’s taking the opportunity to complain about discrimination?”

He then gets to the heart of his argument, which is that “the only thing Sen.Ellenhorn would like more than winning the impeachment trial is losing the impeachment trial and being removed from office … because if he’s removed, it confirms to him his theory that there’s a vast left-wing conspiracy on campus out to get him and exterminate all conservatives.”

In the course of a sarcastic tangent, Phillips demonstrates that many of the charges against Ellenhorn relate to his involvement in news stories by outlets such as Campus Reform, The College Fix, Breitbart, and Fox News, warning the Senate that if they impeach Ellenhorn, they may attract even more negative attention for their liberal biases.

“Sen. Ellenhorn wants to be martyred,” Phillips alleges near the end of his letter. “He loves the attention and fame. He’d be a kid in a candy shop if he were impeached.”

Ellenhorn offered Campus Reform a succinct reaction to the letter, effectively dismissing Phillips’ argument out of hand.

“All I have to say is that it is ridiculous that anyone think that I am enjoying this,” he said. “Am I supposed to just be silenced and not fight back? Is it my fault that people outside of USC are interested in this story? The answer is no.”

Ellenhorn’s impeachment hearing is scheduled for Wednesday night, and so far nearly 200 students have said they will attend to support him. Campus Reform will continue to follow the proceedings and report on further developments.

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