Prof. creates towering Trumpian 'border wall' for Halloween

While some professors on college campuses are trying to silence speech, one professor is voicing his opinion through elaborate, Halloween-styled means.

Central Connecticut State University political professor Dr. Matthew Warshauer created an enormous U.S.-Mexico border-wall simulation with Donald Trump in a Trump Tower and Hillary Clinton riding a donkey. The wall contains a Trump deportation center as well as skeletons and zombies.

Warshauer told Campus Reform that Halloween is the time of the year where one can push the envelope and he wants to make a political statement while being “humorous, but also serious.”

Warshauer said he likes to spark debate and conversation around political issues. He said it is wrong for a professor to try to indoctrinate his students, but a professor should make students think about what they believe and encourage them to have fact-based opinions.

He always encourages his students to express their political beliefs because he feels “that’s what a vibrant democracy is all about.”

This move is in stark contrast to many of the other recent events which saw professors take aggressive postures toward pro-Trump speech.

Just a couple of weeks ago, a professor at the University of North Carolina destroyed pro-Trump chalk writings, and then bragged about the feat on social media. Some commenters even thanked her for destroying them.

Even more recently, a former college administrator was caught stealing Trump signs from a man’s yard because he disagreed with Trump’s message.

Warshauer said “that approach is ridiculous.”

“How are you going to erase somebody’s point of view? You can’t,” he said, referencing the destruction of chalk drawings.

Warshauer said he believes that people should engage and debate with people with whom they disagree and insinuated that anyone who tries to silence speech is a hypocrite saying that they would be the first person to complain if their own speech was being silenced.

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