UMD 'Sex Week' guide lauds innovative butt plugs, birth control

The University of Maryland’s student paper has published its annual “Sex in College Park” guide, featuring advice on “sex-toy-making” and claims that Donald Trump is “triggering.”

The Diamondback’s 9-section guide “to getting down at the University of Maryland” is all encompassing, including topics ranging from making butt plugs with a 3D printer to a glowing report on the 1,440 birth control pill prescriptions given out by the UMD Health Center in the past year.

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Other sections include “Tinder horror stories to scare your pants on,” “A sex playlist to set the three-minutes-or-less mood,” and an examination of “How campaign rhetoric is triggering sexual assault victims.”

One part of the guide features an interview with the president of UMD’s Preventing Sexual Assault Group, Alanna DeLeon, who argued that Donald Trump’s performance in the second presidential debate was triggering because triggers are “anything—a smell, something you see—that reminds survivors of their experience and has a negative impact on them."

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“It forces them to relive that experience,” she told the Diamondback of sexual assault survivors whom were triggered by watching the presidential debate.

The guide also relates the story of Avid Antonelli, a studio art major who has begun using 3D printers to make sex toys, and is thinking of starting “their” own sex toy business called Feminasty, explaining that they have had a fascination with sex toys and masturbation since the age of 15.

"I think that's the core of what's important for everybody. If you don't feel safe being curious, especially with your own body, how do you take that body out into the world?” Antonelli contended.

Eventually, Antonelli plans to lengthen the playful tails attached to her products so that they can stick out from under pant legs, allowing the product to be worn under clothing.

"If you have like a long tail coming out of your butt, and you can stand there and look like a character from Avatar while you like hold it in your hand and swing it around, you can build up your sexual confidence because now you have a persona you can play,” Antonelli explained.

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“Sex in College Park” was published in collaboration with Sex Week at UMD, a student group that hosts various sexual education events throughout the year and has been lauded by the University Health Center as “a fearless idea.”

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